fess up jessup

The cover design of “Fess Up, Jessup!… and Other Stories”

“Fess Up, Jessup! … and Other Stories” features three short thrillers, including the story “Fess Up, Jessup!” which describes the romantic relationship between English instructor Jessup and his 21-year-old Korean student Hye Yeong.

Jessup is not your idealistic romance novel hero, but a cunning and realistic man who was once kicked out of the public school system for getting a tenth-grade girl pregnant. Now in his new position in a private school and knowing Hye Yeong’s wealthy background, Jessup has his eyes on her family’s hotel and money while Hye Yeong, being so young, is completely fascinated by him.

What will happen between Jessup and this 21-year-old? The ending of “Fess Up, Jessup!” would prove to be very surprising and unexpected, with the plot taking a dramatic turn in the final pages….


Here is a review from a reader named Roger:


Here is another review, this one from a reader named C.C., who had also picked up my baseball book previously (and thus the “home-run” reference):

CC Review


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